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Turn your frustratedcustomers into champions

90% of your churned users never reached out. Showcase meets them when and where they’re struggling with in-app video tutorials.

Don’t have any video content? We’ll make it for you.

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Problem → Solution
Showcase makes customer success a profit center.
Without Showcase
With Showcase
Users are more fickle than ever
If they can’t figure something out, they close the window and move on. And they complain about you to 9 others.
Meet users where they are
Showcase's in-app widget meets them when and where they're struggling. Now the answer is always two clicks away.
They don't read
You’ve spent weeks churning out help articles for frequent questions. You even added screenshots. But they don’t read, and support tickets continue to pile up.
They actually watch
Showcase provides short product videos with indexed steps. Now fixing problems is as simple as following a cursor on screen.
Their data isn't actionable
Each customer touchpoint should give you rich data, but your product team is flying blind. There's a lot of noise, and little context.
Make decisions on each user’s behavior
Showcase analyzes where each customer is struggling and makes recommendations by segment. Now you know more about them than they do themselves.
“Before Showcase, self-serve customers would drop off before seeing the magic of our product. Now, they watch a video and get to the “aha” moment faster, increasing conversion and providing actionable insights for our go-to-market teams.”
Michael Manne, Chief Revenue Officer @ Ocrolus
Leave the video to us
Don’t let a lack of bandwidth stop you from best-in-class net retention. We create your product video library from scratch and maintain it as your product changes. Here’s some of our work:
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