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90% of your churned users never reached out. Showcase meets them when and where they’re struggling by bringing help search in-app, increasing self resolution 12x.

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Without Showcase
With Showcase
Users are more distracted than ever
When they can’t figure something out, they close the window and move on. Fewer than 20% link out to your help docs, let alone ping support.
Meet users where they are
Showcase's SDK surfaces help articles in-app, meeting users where they're struggling. Now the answer is a click and a search away.
You don’t know when they’re struggling
Users reach out with critical issues, like billing. But when they Google “how to” questions about your features, your team isn’t alerted and the data is lost.
Take back control
Showcase makes product help a first-class problem, presenting it to feel native to your product. It looks like you built it out custom, so users treat it as the first line of defense.
Existing tools don’t fill the gap
Product analytics tools relay the where but not the why. Surveys get few, biased responses. The dings of widgets and chatbots haunt you in your sleep.
Identify product gaps with data
Showcase captures customer intent as part of an organic user journey. Bucket search queries by user segment and issue category. Now you can quantify the most impactful product changes.
Knowledge base search is broken
Users phrase the same query in 12 different ways, surfacing incorrect results. Support then responds with the same article for the 20th time that day. Keywords aren’t good enough - context matters.
Surface the correct content
Showcase’s dashboard lets support teams map results and synonyms to search queries in bulk. This automates over time. Moving forward, customers with the same issue always surface the right result.
“Today, customers have a million things on their mind, so when they’re confused within a product, they move on to another task. Showcase gives them the content they need before that happens, and makes it feel native. Even better, we get rich data about what our customers are really thinking.”
Michael Manne, Chief Revenue Officer @ Ocrolus
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