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How Teams use Showcase

Showcase is the central hub for your company’s internal and external video content. We make it organized, searchable and actionable. Now your employees and customers can always find what they’re looking for.

Recorded Meetings
Co-workers not able to make the meeting? Showcase makes the recordings searchable and keeps them in one place, centralizing your team’s knowledge. Import from Zoom, pull out a snippet and push to Slack. Viola - you’ve unblocked your team.
Still pushing customers to YouTube to watch your product walkthroughs? Showcase’s knowledge base lives on your website and lets customers find the exact segment they’re looking for within your videos.
Internal Training
Think new hires will watch 10 hours of Zoom recordings? Add chapters to make your training video digestible. Know what was watched at the individual level and ensure that your content resonates.
Tired of going into iMovie to pull out pieces of content for social media? Highlight parts of the transcript and pull out video assets in a single click. We give your marketing team superpowers at less than a tenth of the cost.
Sales Proposals
Why tell when you can show? Send the Zoom recording to your prospect and get procurement up to speed. See exactly what part of the meeting recording they watch to best tailor your value prop. Nice, you’ve just sped up the sales cycle and crushed quota.
College Lectures
Your students can succeed even though they’re in Zoom University. Add chapters and transcripts to your lectures, address questions asynchronously and analyze engagement and the individual student level.
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