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Want to turn your video into value? Showcase makes your videos searchable and their insights actionable. Engage your customers and team with the content you've already invested in, integrated with the software you already use.

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How teams are turning their video into value with Showcase:
Support Ticket Deflection
Still pushing customers to YouTube to watch product tutorials? Deflect tickets 2x faster with personalized video snippets answering their exact question. Integrated with your ticketing software.
Sales Enablement & Onboarding
Sales cycle too slow? Send pitch videos and demo recordings to prospects with a clear call-to-action. By-user analytics show who watched what, so you can tailor your value prop and build Salesforce automations. Turn content into revenue.
Recorded Meetings
Need to refer back to a sales demo or internal all hands? Showcase makes them searchable and houses them in one place. Import from Zoom, search for the important parts and push to Slack.
Tired of going into iMovie to pull out pieces of content for social media? Highlight parts of the transcript and pull out video assets in a single click. We give your marketing team superpowers at less than a tenth of the cost.
Knowledge Base
Content in living in ten different places? Showcase's knowledge base lives on your website and lets viewers search for the exact 30 seconds they're looking for across your entire video library.
College Lectures
Struggling to coordinate with your study group? Succeed through Zoom University by collaborating on transcribed lectures with your classmates. Send confusing snippets out for clarification. A's for days.
Leverage your existing video
Have your webcam on often? You already create lots of video. We're here to help you turn it into measurable outcomes.
Smart Search
No more scrubbing through the YouTube play bar. Find the 30 second soundbite you're looking for across your entire library in seconds.
Skim video like a book
Automated transcripts, chapters and highlights enable your viewers to find the most relevant pieces and share them seamlessly.
Privacy First
Not all videos are meant for everyone. Restrict each video's access to your company only, or get more granular with password protection and authenticated emails only.
By-User Analytics
Coming Soon
Want to know who is engaged and which parts resonated? Understand who is watching what segments of your video. Build powerful automations around that engagement, unlocking value from your content.
Powerful Integrations
Coming Soon
No more switching between tabs to leverage video. Showcase is built around your existing workflows and integrates with the software you already use.
Treat video like text
Showcase's AI automatically transcribes your video, making it easy to work with. Find the 30-second segment you're looking for across the entire library. Highlight the transcript to pull out key snippets in one click.
Turn views into action
Know who is watching what at the individual user level and build automations around it. Has your top prospect watched your webinar for a third time? Send an automated email to reach them when they're warmest, turning idle video into revenue.
Built for teams
Video living in too many different places? With Showcase, your entire team can host and edit it all in a central hub. Integrations allow for one solution for many use cases.
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